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The GROW Project is currently focusing on two main projects in northern Haiti:

Centre Educatif/The Carver Institute in Bonnay Dugal:

This educational center serves as our headquarters as well as classroom space, a host site for volunteer teams, and a meeting space.

Even though Bonnay Dugal is a suburb or sorts to the city of Cap Haitien, Haiti, there is currently no school in the area meaning that many children are not going to school and those who do have to take a long and dangerous ride on public transportation into the city to school every day.

In October 2011, The GROW Project opened the doors to a primary school in our educational center.  Thanks to our supporters and friends, ten students now have access to quality education and a chance for a better future.




Health care coordination at La Soufriere:

In response to the cholera epidemic, we have established a concrete presence in a rural area in the mountains near Cap Haitien to provide healthcare to a population of about 10,000 who, even before the earthquake in January of 2011, had no heath care infrastructure.

We advocated for the region and encouraged Doctors without Borders/Medecines Sans Frontieres (MSF) to be partners on the cholera response. Together, we were able to launch a community-based cholera response utilizing local infrastructure, civic organizations, and leadership to effectively distribute information and supplies as well as get as many patients as possible access to the cholera clinic/tent.

As of February 5, 2011, our Haitian team has taken over the running of the entire cholera clinic as MSF continues to scale back its leadership on the cholera response. The cholera clinic is continuing to function and we are slowly adding additional primary health care aspects to the clinic. The clinic is entirely staffed and organized by our Haitian team which includes a community health worker and nursing staff living at Soufriere and several Haitian doctors who spend their days off each week helping.