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GROW Project
“Greenbrier Residents for Outreach to the World”

Mission:  The GROW Project for Community Wellness Initiative strives to empower young people to make changes that will improve their health and ultimately the quality of their lives in this community.

Headed by GROW Executive Co-Director, Bimbo Coles and Assistant Co-Director Laura Lee, the local initiative focuses on the empowerment of our community youth by promoting not only their philanthropic nature, but motivating and coaching children to use their own athletic ability to make changes and improve their own quality of life.

As part of the Wellness initiative, The GROW Project is working on the renovation of the former “Bolling School” in Lewisburg, WV to become a functional community center for Greenbrier County.  This center will increase access and opportunity for not only recreation and physical fitness (such as basketball, indoor soccer, batting cages, individual sports training, rock climbing wall and much more) for the youth of our community but will provide opportunities for our local community to enjoy other events such as dances, fundraising opportunities for local groups, meetings, conferences, etc.

GROW has defined the center’s renovation into multiple phases.  Phase 1 (to be completed as soon as possible) will be to upgrade the existing gymnasium as well as stage area with the final Phase to eventually include the addition of another gymnasium to incorporate multiple activities at one time.

Community involvement is essential to the success of this project.  The future of our youth depends on projects of this nature.  By creating and promoting athletic, recreational and other programs that will be unique and challenging not only to our children but to our community as a whole, is detrimental but is not possible without proper funding.

Country Roads CrossFit, although privately owned by Bimbo and Laura and is a separate entity from their involvement with GROW; is currently working with GROW Board Members to sponsor “kid memberships” to CrossFit Kids (as funding is available). The sponsorships are granted to those who complete the application process and meet requirements needed to participate in this program. This program helps area youth to focus on healthy lifestyle choices and athletic events.   Again, this unique opportunity is not possible without community funding and support.