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GROW Haiti is in the process of launching a new set of initiatives in collaboration with The GROW Project, Inc. related to economic development, youth leadership, and waste management in the North Department of Haiti. Additional details will be coming soon!



Health care & Water/Sanitation coordination at La Soufriere:

The GROW Project began its efforts in La Soufriere in response to the cholera epidemic. We established a concrete presence in a rural area in the mountains near Cap Haitien to provide healthcare to a population of about 10,000 who, even before the earthquake in January 2010, had no heath care infrastructure. Over the past two years GROW has established a community-based and run cholera clinic staffed and organized entirely by our Haitian team and La Soufriere community members. Currently, GROW and our Haitian partners have completed a water project system and are currently working to finish a permanent health care building for the community. The time period of January through July 2012, GROW has supported our Haitian team to become a more equal and independent partner in our work together through adding structure, equipment, and improving leadership and management skills.

Read more about our projects here: Water and Sanitation Projects and Health Care

Leadership Training for Young People

Meike began teaching leadership courses in Haiti in the winter of 2010-2011. During these courses students read famous writers, discussed what it means to be a leader in their own lives as well as their communities, and designed their own Leadership Guide. Read more about our Leadership Program by clicking this link: Leadership Program