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Primary school children having fun at break time

Children are the future of Haiti and education is the key to sustainable development of a community. Through generous donations to sponsor ten kindergarten and first grade aged children, The GROW Project was able to open the doors to our primary school The Carver Institute, last October. The children have been focusing on storytelling, song, mathematics, and language skills. “The students have been improving by leaps and bounds,” said Sonson, a member of the GROW Haiti team. For the upcoming 2012-2013 school year, we will continue to provide some scholarships as we are able for excellent students who cannot afford to pay. In Haiti, once a school has been going for a while successfully, other parents who can afford to pay are more likely to send their children there. Scholarships are $150 for a year to send a young child to school.

The 2012-2013 school year will also include moving our kindergarten to another location. Despite this, our school year will begin and continue as a normal school year.

Junior visits the Greenbrier East High School French class and answers questions about Haiti and his life there

 Our Continued Study Abroad/Exchange Program:

Our current Berea College student from Haiti, Roland “Junior” Toussaint, is just beginning his second semester of studies and has done very well so far. He plans to return to Haiti with us in December as co-leader of our volunteer team, and looks forward to working with young aspiring students at the school during his visit home.

Hans Michel Pierrot is a young Haitian doctor who was trained in the Dominican Republic and now works in a public clinic between Bonnay Dugal (where our center is) and downtown Cap Haitien where he has been appalled by the way doctors and patients are treated and the lack of necessary supplies and equipment to do a good job. In 2010, he worked on the initial cholera response at Soufriere with us through Doctors without Borders and now he is also part of the GROW team in Haiti. He is applying to the Master in Public Health (MPH) program at Johns Hopkins Bllomberg School of Public Health to begin in summer 2013. He is very serious and excited. He is dedicated to making a difference in the health system in Haiti with his continued education.

In addition to Hans Michel, we also have our second student, Reynaldo Reveus, preparing to apply for Berea College for matriculation in Fall 2013. His older brother was one of Meike’s English students four years ago. Reynaldo is interested in civil engineering to use for Haiti’s rebuilding process.

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