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The GROW Project, which is short for Greenbrier Residents for Outreach to the World, Inc., is a nonprofit organization based in Lewisburg, West Virginia, that partners with our sister organization, GROW Haiti/CET, in and around Cap Haitien, Haiti.

We are an international community-to-community partnership working on local initiatives in health care and education in and around Cap Haitien, Haiti, and in the Greenbrier Valley in West Virginia. We strive to include and empower young people, local leaders, and community groups to establish priorities and make changes they believe will create a better future for their community.

Our office in West Virginia is on the second floor of the City Hall in Lewisburg. Come visit us!

Our headquarters in Haiti is Institute Carver/Centre Educatif le Temoignage in Bonnay Dugal on the outskirts of Cap Haitien, where the partnership operates a community center, adult education and leadership program, and will open a primary school this fall. We also operate a cholera clinic in Soufriere in the mountains about two hours from Cap Haitien.

Thank you for being part of our global community!